A Vision For The Future

The Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Institute of Genomic Medicine is applying genomic innovation to pave the way towards a healthier, more sustainable, and informed future. Through strategic collaborations with prominent research institutes, healthcare providers, and industry leaders across the globe, we are expanding the influence of our research, ensuring its transition from scientific knowledge to tangible benefits for the population.


Leadership in research and innovation

Harnessing potential

Drawing upon the interdisciplinary expertise and collaborative spirit of our research teams led by 29 Core and 42 Associate faculty members, we envision a full spectrum approach to genomic medicine, utilizing information from all of a person’s genes and how they interact to inform an individual’s clinical care and to develop new approaches to medicine. Our researchers are leading breakthrough research aimed at the development of cutting-edge diagnostic tools, targeted treatments, and new pharmaceuticals, preventative vaccines, and the data sharing policy tools and frameworks to implement these innovations. The Institute will maximize opportunities for clinical interventions in high-priority fields such as rare diseases, cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases, and infection.